Who is MALCONTENT for?

MALCONTENT Is for any being who chooses to invest in luxury streetwear. Male, female, or not. Plus-size or straight size. We just like it when you are human.


If an item is sold out, can MALCONTENT re-create other similar pieces?

It is a possibility depending on the availability of the fabrications. We use end cuts, but there is always something we can do. Contact us and let’s talk about it.


What size is the model on your website?

The first model is size 26-28 and wears a 3X. The second model wears a size 16 and wears a 1X.


I’m unsure about what size to purchase. Help!

No worries. Most MALCONTENT pieces are generously designed and made to layer-up. Wear during Spring & Autumn, even through Winter.


How do I know MALCONTENT received my order?

You should receive an email confirming your purchase. If you are having any trouble whatsoever with our interface, please contact us with the issue and we will be happy to fix any problems.