Who Needs Hair?

I'm back! Well I'm in between treatments...

 Some of you know I took off some time to attend to health issues...cancer, specifically breast cancer. 

It's weird. I spent my whole lifetime getting used to my plus-sized body. As an ingenue absolutely obsessed with fashion in the '80s, I thought it was highly ironic that I would be gifted this body. I guess as you get older you learn how to work it. You get used to you!

Upon diagnosis for breast cancer, I had to get used to a lot of changes very quickly. One and a half breasts instead of two. No hair. Bad skin. Lack of energy. And generally feeling sick much of the time. Nothing about my body was the same.


I thought about getting other models to represent Malcontent Plus, but I wanted you to see my evolution through this tiny blip in my life.


Who needs hair? I'm literally wearing my logo. It's still my attitude for those idiots who dare come for me, including cancer. I reject all that shit. I survive by working through the lighter moments. Cancer won't last forever, so onward...

Please check my new mini 3-Snap Summer collection. Hope you find something you like!


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