The myth of “extended sizing”

To continue my state-of-the-state rant on plus-size shopping in 2020, I went on a little excursion to the newest luxury department store to Manhattan. This place is new to NYers, but in other cities they are well established. For years we’ve had ‘racks’ if you know what I mean.

Anyway I was told they had no plus-size designated spots in the store. They claim to be more progressive than that. According to the retailer, plus-size customers shouldn’t be separated from straight sizes because of their size. All of the sizes should exist together on one rack. No apartheid here!

Sounds good, right?

As I walked from mini designer boutique to mini designer boutique, each salesperson said their brand doesn’t do plus-size but the others definitely do. In other words, just keep searching.

Four floors later, far from the luxury offerings, I came upon two vendors who carried the expected slim-cut jean and a boat neck top you might wear to do laundry.

I finally found rows and rows of end-of-season sale racks. The 3X section, (my size) was about four inches long. The entire plus-size sale section was about a yard long.

There seems to be a slow but planned expulsion of plus-size from the retail landscape. Seems intentional to me.

I recently posted about Lane Bryant’s removal from a spot they have been in for 70 years. Even if you don’t shop Lane Bryant’s collections, many plus-size women I know still ran to Brooklyn‘s Fulton Street location for foundation garments. Now we’re supposed to do bra fittings via an online app? How exactly does that work?

Okay, I’ll stop yapping about this and go back to working on upcoming MALCONTENT Plus looks! (Which is available online and in real-time) Subscribe to get info on upcoming shops! Feel free to Follow and Like me on Instagram too!

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