Plus-Size Vintage Conversations...

Lately I’ve been reading desperate pleas about overconsumption...about the ceasing of shopping in lieu of buying vintage things already in existence, for environmental purposes.

Clearly none of these people can be considered plus-sized. You know why? Because vintage clothing in plus-size does not exist.

I remember frequenting 1980s vintage stores with skinny friends and leaving empty-handed while they had heaps of ‘new’ clothes. 

Once I bought an early ‘70s men’s leather Wilson that was about 4 inches away from buttoning. I kept that in the “inspiration section” of my closet of clothing that might fit sometime in the faraway future (that never came).

Most couturiers, luxury designers and mass producers of clothing were disgusted at the possibility of creating larger sizes. They supersized everything in American culture except clothing. They shamed you if you were over size 12 and looked at you funny if you walked into their luxury establishments demanding a larger size.

I love vintage. Sadly, my thin, unsentimental mother threw out all of her 1960s English tweed two-piece suits, her mod 1970s velvet button-up hot pants...she even threw out her 1960s long-sleeve wedding gown before I could “collect” them, to add to my inspiration closet! If items like these existed in plus-sizes in ‘80s vintage shops, surely, I most definitely would have snapped them up.

Buying vintage things vs. new things...sustainability conversations and all...that’s for thinner people with a multiplicity of options. Plus-size individuals deserve a similar variety before all doors are closed.

With my MALCONTENT Plus collection this year, I created clothing in the vintage textures I always wanted, by happenstance, to find on a stroll through a vintage store...of course, with a more minimalist updated twist.

To my clientele: I want you to keep your Malcontent Plus forever, but if you do decide to recycle them at a resale store, and some plus-size shopper somewhere might casually wander in and find something in their size, well, that makes me happy too!

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