MALCONTENT Plus/Commes des Garçons Mashup

As promised, here are the results of the Commes des Garçons redo! From the other pictures, you can see that it was formally a little bitty pair of pants I turned into a six-pocket apron-style utility vest, with a criss-cross back.


I topped it over a vintage MALCONTENT Plus snap-front, long cotton white shirt with a tail and Mandarin collar.


Sometimes you have to deconstruct as an act of protest. It’s the most political thing you can do as a fashion-oriented plus-size individual. We, who routinely get shut out of high-end fashion must take a scissors to luxury garments, to make them our own, in our size. Why not start with a pair of pants? In this case a pair of white Commes. Contact me if you are interested in buying this Malcontent Plus/Commes mashup.

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