Face Mask Artillery for a Coronavirus War

I was raised by generations of nurses. I’ve seen their selflessness from when I was a wee little kid in my parochial school uniform, when I visited my mom at the hospital where she worked, after school everyday.

I witnessed RNs absolutely overloaded with patients, attending to their every need. On well-deserved breaks, these nurses would bring me Jello. They would ask about my day at school. They would fix my hair if it looked a little rough. Even though they were on break, they stopped to nurture me. It’s like I had 20 West Indian moms, not just one.

It was particularly bothersome to hear that nurses and other medical personnel were not taken care of by our federal government. PPEs such as face masks, gowns, and face shields were being rationed. Some nurses had to use the same mask for a week!

When this coronavirus pandemic hit and the face mask shortage was apparent, I knew I had to contribute in any way I could. With everything pretty much closed down in New York City, I had to shop where I was sheltered in place.

Luckily I am a compulsive shopper for random items I ‘may-or-may not’ use. I bought a bundle of discounted T-shirts (although I didn’t like them.) I did, however, love the texture of the fabric. Who knew I would deconstruct them to make face masks?

It must be fate. There were no such things as ‘disposable face masks’ back when I was a kid. All of my mom’s surgical masks were 100% cotton and 100% sustainable. And so we go back to move forward...

MALCONTENT Plus is not a factory. I am a one-woman business, so it is obvious I cannot produce thousands of product to alleviate the PPE issues in this country. I made just a small dent, making a modest donation to the medical staff of my local hospital.

MALCONTENT Face Masks are packaged like little bullets. We are indeed in the middle of a war so why not create artillery to put a little distance between us and the virus?

It’s not just medical staff I am concerned with. It’s all of us. Data coming from other countries like South Korea and China, show that wearing face masks protect all parties from Covid 19 better than not wearing anything at all.

I want you to be protected too. So disinfect. Wash. Wear. Repeat. Reuse them until the coronavirus dies out. Let’s hope we never see this bastard again.

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