Best Films of 2020 (in FASHION)

It’s the Oscars tomorrow in a weird year with few actual film releases. During this Covid-19 period I missed going to an actual theatre. Despite that, I will attempt to do another favorite film/fashion mashup.

This year many of my top picks have to do with justice here in America, or the lack thereof. Most people have to die to get it, others are on a continual pursuit of it. Emotional justice isn’t even recognized so what do you do when your pain isn’t even acknowledged? How do you go about your life? How do you process that you will never get justice in your lifetime?

Many of my film choices also highlight long-term slander, reputation manipulation, and surveillance campaigns against Black people which go on for decades until death. I know it is very difficult to believe but in the USA this has never gone away. It used to be called Cointelpro, now with technology it has been ratcheted up to unimaginable levels. Before I go deep, on to my picks:

9. Minari

Korean immigrant home-made clothes from the 1980s. They all look identical to my West Indian family’s sartorial choices from that time period.


8. The Trial of the Chicago

1970s protest clothing similar to 2020s protest clothing. Not much changes.

7. Bad Hair


Long deadly hair weaves on a rampage. I’m seeing a lot of these in my Brooklyn streets. Watch out y’all.

6. Nomadland


Casual looks for living out of vans after retirement age. Bathroom...umm, bucket-ready, always.

5. Black is King


Animal prints, body paint, bantu knots, debutante ball gowns, braids...all appropriate for a simple, almost two hour, intercontinental music video.

4. The United States vs. Billie Holiday

1940s satin gowns, magnolias, brooches, pinstripes, and furs to get arrested in.

3. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Caged-chic dressing. Period stains optional.   

2. Judas and the Black Messiah

Leathers, afros, guns, shades, berets, and community spirit amongst a turncoat.

1. Promising Young Woman

Pink, fluffy everything, Britney Spears retro, 90s flowered dresses, and hell bent on revenge.

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