As a young +size...

As a young +size, I learned pretty quickly that an investment in tailored luxury clothing is a waste of money for someone with a regularly fluctuating body.


Unless one is independently wealthy and can afford a pair of tailored trousers in every size between 18w-30w, then it’s never a good thing to do.


I went down that road a few times, investing in sharp boxy jackets that could only be worn a few times per decade.


I believe that’s one of the reasons why I was super-attracted to avant-garde clothing. Those designers may have the typical straight-size range, but I never felt discriminated against because of my size.


If the garment was loosy-goosy, had a drawstring, elastic, alternative geometry, and excess fabric, I knew I could rock it, and own the look at the size I currently maintained.


With MALCONTENT Plus the goal is exactly the same. Today I am somewhere between a 3X and 4x. MALCONTENT Plus fits me and a generous range of other sizes too.


Truth be told, many of my customers are straight-sized. I never expected that to happen. It makes sense, though. Straight-sizes tend to embrace all silhouettes.


The millennial plus-size world is a little different, as it is currently set to ‘curvy.’ But who knows? That may change. I hope the avant-garde looks I will debut this Autumn might convince some. Time will tell...

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