After is Now: After & Before Photos



So I gained some weight during the pandemic. I’m not happy about it, but it is what it is. Less movement and more stress eating equals more pounds. Eventually I will get back to 10000 steps most days, as we move toward post-covid life.

When I was younger, I would have deprived myself of new clothing until the scale had shown a marked weight loss.

When I reached ‘my goal weight’ I would splurge on an outfit that literally fit me two whole days before the pounds naturally settled somewhere higher. Force-dieting to get back into the clothes never worked for me.

 We deserve great clothes NOW and when we lose the weight. Fashion shouldn’t be dependent on ‘size.’ I like fashion that accommodates several weight fluctuations, as MALCONTENT Plus normally does. 

Most, if not all people who lean toward ‘plus’, tend to be emotional eaters. ‘Plus-size’ means a lifetime of weight fluctuations. And that is totally fine. The body you have today deserves new clothes now. Celebrate the ‘after’ that is now. Stop waiting for thinness. It may never ever happen.

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